Monday, 17 October 2011

Journal publishing with Eprints: another way

I've been very interested to read about the approach that one of our sister JISC projects at Huddersfield has been taking; Graham Stone documents it on the Huddersfield Open Access Publishing blog.

Whereas SAS Open Journals involves interaction between the Open Journals System and the native SAS-Space Eprints, HOAP instead segments the native Eprints for each journal, thus allowing bespoke browsing and landing pages for each journal, and a tweaked deposit process. It seems like a useful model to be using; and there's room for different approaches.

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  1. I think the link you want is

    Huddersfield's approach interestingly echoes my earlier suggestion that the repository workflow might be a suitable lightweight substitute for OJS.

    I'm fairly confident that additional views could easily be created in SAS-Space to navigate the Amicus Curiae collection by Issue Number (using a refinement of this query:

    ...and that this could even be wrapped up (to enhance design and navigation) in Web CMS templates (Drupal, EasyCMS, WordPress...), using simple calls to EPrints APIs, rather than necessarily needing a separate repository.

    The possibilities are legion :)


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