Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Making the move from print to web

One of the outputs of this project is a case study, documenting the sorts of issues that are likely to recur when journal editors are thinking about making the transition from print to web. This week I am listening to and reflecting on my recording of an excellent meeting with the Amicus Curiae team; the first of two meetings, part of the preparation for that case study.

Discussion was frank and free, and, not surprisingly, took in the central issue of what the relationship should be between the printed edition, which goes to subscribers, and the later electronic edition, which will be free. How long should the gap be, and how central is the journal to the package that subscribers receive ?

We also discussed some very interesting issues about the relationship of print and web editions in relation to the content itself: might articles in the online edition be longer, and/or be supported by appendices ? What about online-only content ?

All these issues will be addressed in the case study document, which should be available in early September.

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